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Our services.

Flat3 specialises in enhancing and supporting Laravel projects with features required by large corporates.

Features like SAML SSO authentication, Business Intelligence connectivity and CRM/ERP integration.

We also provide support for "orphaned" applications that need ongoing support to ensure they remain secure and stable over time.


Flat3 developed the SAML2 provider for Laravel Socialite, and continues to maintain it.

We provide integration support and live client troubleshooting for the Light SAML package.


Flat3 developed Lodata, the popular OData implementation for Laravel.

Lodata enables business users to connect to Laravel data feeds with the tools like PowerBI and Tableau.


Many companies use Salesforce not just to power their CRM, but to run all kinds of business operations.

Flat3 has extensive experience with the complex SFDC data model, SOAP APIs, and in developing custom Lightning Components to bring user interfaces powered by Laravel right into the SFDC experience.


Workday is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Integrating external applications using their SOAP API can be intimidating, but Flat3 has the skills to bring your requirements to life.


Flat3 can provide long-term maintenance arrangements for both Laravel applications and third party packages.

If your company needs to upgrade components of your environment like operating systems or web browsers and risks application problems, Flat3 will provide both ahead-of-time testing and post-deployment troubleshooting.

Particularly useful if the original developer is no longer available!


When the rubber of your application meets the road of the customer's IT environment, all sorts of issues can develop.

Whether the problem is authentication issues, firewall rules or Azure IIS deployments, Flat3 has you covered to get your application running.

Trusted by companies worldwide.